Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Source At Circuit City: 0

I find that staff in stores that specialize in electronics tend to be snobby and disdainful. They treat me like The Girl, which is a killswitch. I'm not The Girl, meaning, I don't subscribe to notions of femininity. I can pay for my own supper, think my own thoughts, and defrag my own hard drive. I don't care much for children, my choice of alcoholic beverage is a cold, imported beer, and I prioritize comfort over style - meaning you will never see me in a pair of heels, trying to run across an intersection with all the majesty of an antelope getting taken down by lion (floundering, falling, losing limbs).

So I don't appreciate being ignored in favour of guitar-playing dork dudes when I want customer service. That means you, The Source (At Circuit City). It's not like I was there to buy a pink skin for my iPod. I wanted some serious headphwnage (yes, I spelled that right) and a couple cables as well.

There's a commercial on TV for some guy deodorant which is a manifestation of this. The announcer says, "Men love technology." Then the deodorant stick suddenly shoots out several terrible animations of "technology" which are supposed to represent various attributes of the product, Swiss Army knife style. A girl, all toweled up, suddenly walks into the bathroom, sees the SuperDeororant and shrieks like The Girl.

Because she's scared of it. Because men like technology. The closest a woman would get to technology is her revolutionary new mascara. Right?

In my opinion, math fear is like technology fear: fear of the unknown. And it's hard to know math and technology if your social system repeatedly slaps your hands away and says "Don't touch, this is too hard for you, this is a guy thing, don't worry about it, you don't need to know this."

And these giant sociological gears grind round and round, and like a miniscule butterfly effect, I get bad customer service.

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